Exceptional Childrens Center
Pediatric Occupational and Speech-Language Therapy


Our mission is to implement interventions that are family centered and have a profound effect on the life of a child.  We closely follow new therapy intervention developments in the field and incorporate them into our practice when appropriate. Our staff is dedicated to each child we meet, assisting each child in realizing his or her innate potential.  


Exceptional Children's Center is committed to providing the most personalized, integrative, and skilled Occupational and Speech-Language Therapy services available.  Our services and programs are designed to identify a child's current development, investigate underlying causes for developmental or behavioral challenges, and to provide ongoing support to facilitate independence and positive changes.  Our therapists are dedicated to providing professional and exceptional service, to effectively address both parents' concerns and children's needs.  

Exceptional Children's Center is a professionally designed, well-equipped therapy facility.  

 Our treatment areas include: 

  •    Fine motor areas that provide a quiet and distraction-free environment with great variation of therapy supplies making it ideal for training in fine motor skills, self-care skills, printing/writing skills, and visual perceptual training activities  

  •   Numerous large gym areas are equipped with a variety of suspension equipment, a ball pit, a large scooter board area and numerous crash pads, providing a safe environment and exciting experiences for challenging and developing motor skills

Our clinic environment was designed to be comfortable and stress-free, yet filled with excitement, inspiration and fun supporting positive emotions and encouraging learning!


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Exceptional Childrens Center proudly supports Zip Up for Special Needs
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Exceptional Childrens Center proudly supports the campaign to Spread the Word to end the Word.
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