Occupational Therapy



Occupational therapy is a form of intervention in which the therapist and child work to develop or improve the necessary skills for daily living through activity. Therapy can target skills needed for coordination, school readiness and performance, self help such as feeding, dressing and grooming, focus and attention, play/social interaction, eye-hand coordination, calming, regulatory behaviors and more.

We use a variety of treatment approaches, one of which is sensory integration. Sensory Integration is the ability of the brain and body to take incoming sensory information and create an efficient motor output. Your therapist will develop appropriate home programming and family education in addition to direct treatment of your child.

A child may need an OT screening, evaluation, and/or ongoing treatment if they are having difficulty with one or more of the following:

*Poor fine motor skills

*Immature gross motor skills

*Decreased motor control

*Decreased eye hand coordination

*Overly sensitive to sensory input

*Under responsive to sensory input

*Touches people or objects constantly (seeking sensory input)

*Crashes and/or bangs into people or objects

*Poor attention/difficulty sitting still

*Difficulty calming self



*Exaggerated behaviors or reactions

*Limited play skills

*Poor social development

*Limited independence in self care skills

*Difficulty transitioning or accepting change in environment orĀ routine